Dreams… Original song by @au_dino

Verse 1: C – Bb
Everyone has em
Do they achieve
Or are they just scared to
Thinking that theyre not
Good enough for life they wanna live
Guess they forgot
That to get they gotta give

Pre chorus: Dm – C
You gotta get off your couch and start living the life you want to live
Dont think about it, just be the person you wanna be
Mmm and lifes gonna find its way

Chorus: Bb – C
Lifes gonna find its way
You dont have to worry, if its meant to be then its meant to be
Oh dont panic if things dont go right, if its meant to be then it’ll see the light
Life’s gonna find its way

Verse 2:
Work hard
Dont give up
Look at your life like a half full cup




Pre chorus




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